Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Verance Exercise Club Upper Body Routine 8/29/2012

Today we worked really hard on the upper body with resistance bands, mostly, and some killer pushups.
Quick stretch and warmup
3 sets following routine(10 each):
Jumping jacks
Skiing/sliding on one leg side to side
Pushups (arms out, diamond, elbowz in)
Jump over
Burpees (all the way down and up)
After 3 sets we were ready to work on the muscles :)

Routine followed( 2 sets each):
Biceps curls down to up
Bicep curls half way up
Bicep curls down to half way
Triceps row and extend back
Triceps arms up, elbows close to ears, up and elbows bend
Triceps dip on chair or on bridge position on the floor
Shoulders band exten to sides and front

We finished various abs:
Scissors 30
Leg lifts circles 20
Reverse crunch 20
And hold planks with knees alternate down and up

We completed our workout stretch and relaxation

See you in the next class.

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