Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, workout routine

This looks maybe little aggressive but im going to try adding chest presses to this at the end
Cardio and upper body all set

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 12 Workout routine, lower body

Friday after work gym workout
Squats with 25 lbs kettlebell
Walking lunges with 15lbs each hand
One legged squats with 15lbs
Calf raises with 15lbs
Standing arms out, toe to hand lifts
Standing leg raises and circles
Hip raises with 5lbs ball in between knees
25lbs kettle bell swings squats
Plank jacks
Reverse crunches with 5lbs
Leg raises with 5lbs ball
Straight up crunches with 5lbs ball on feet, table top lift
Russian twist with 15lbs

And finish with stretch

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12 Verance Exercise club, dance fusion

The combo we did in the class today
Step together step, ball change: started on left foot moving to the left
Battment (hi kick):4 of them
Pas de baurre: back side side 4 count, 4th count hold
Hip circles on one side, turn around
Hip singles using glutes, moving to the side 4 x
Hip singles with step touch

Monday, October 1, 2012

Meal planning ideas

Chicken breast
Broccoli cooked w garlic, onion, green pepper
Dark chocolate 75percent
Sunflower seeds

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 22, Self Workout Routine, upper body

Run on/off, 4miles

Biceps curls, 20lbs
Triceps w weight, 15lbs, and dips
Pullups under threadmill machine
Shoulder press 20lbs
Front and side arm lifts, 20 lbs
Shoulder pushups

Weighted leg lifts
Reverse crunches
Plank hold
100 scissors

Sept 19 Self Workout Routine

Repeat this routine 3 times

Squat jumps w weights, 15lbs each hand, 20 rep
Walking lunges w 15lbs on each hand, 15 rep
Plank row weight
Side lunge burpee 15 rep
Lunge twist opposite w 15 lbs, 15 rep
Squat clean press, 15 lbs, 15 rep
Lunge jumps, 20 rep
One leg squat, 25lbs kettlebell, 15 rep
Pistol, 10lbs, 10 rep

Side tucks
Side planks
V abs

Verance Exercise Club, Sept 20, Upper Body

Sun salutations
One arm down dog
Plank one leg
Warrior 1, 2, 3

Upper Body includes:
Bicep curls
Triceps w band and dips
Sitting row
Front and sides arm lifts

100 scissors

Verance Exercise Club, Sept 17, Lower Body

Squat jumps
Plank, legs jack
Squat w elbows on knees, straighten legs
Low jacks
Jumping lunges
Back lunges
Straddle squats
Dancer leg moves on knees
Frog lifts
Calf raises

Abs routine:
Plank pike
Plank one leg
100 scissors
Weighted abs, leg circles, leg lifts
Reverse crunches

Verance Exercise Club Sept 12 Upper Body

Warmup includes:
High kick jumps
Jumping jacks
Knee lift crunch
Mummy kicks, arms cross alternate
Ski jumps side
In and out abs

Upper Body includes:
Arm lift on plank, pushups
Upper body lift, laying on belly
Arm circles on a bent knee, back straight position
Plank row w weights
Bicep curls
Triceps dips
Shoulder arms lift front, side w weights
Shoulder press w weights
Dive bonber or aka dolphin

Abs include:
Plank hold
Low plank hold
Commando planks alternate low and hi plank
100 scissors

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 14-16th Workouts-Weekends are fun,too

September 14 Friday, if I am not dancing usually I have date with my boyfriend, Brian.
He always workouts long Friday nights, so I adopted my schedule to my benefit to do what I want to do after work for few hours.
Of course I usually end up working out at our work gym.

I have done upper body emphasized routine this last Friday.
Mostly biceps, triceps, pullups, rows.
Usually my warmup includes quick HIIT.

September 15 Saturday, Brian and I went to Palomar Mountain for a nice, long hike.
We parked right outside the State Park sign, and walked in to the park, followed some trails, went quite deep walked by the burned trees. It was nice, warm but not so hot. On the way back we had more uphill trails, so that was a good workout.

September 16 Sunday, I came back home around 12pm...after finishing my cleaning in the garage (finally), decided that I will run to work.

So I ran about 3.1 mile, according to my Smartphone App, went in to the work gym. I have worked my lower body this time with weights.

I ran back to Whole Foods, about 1.8 mile. I had a nice green juice, shopped for coconut cookie recipe, walked back home probably little over a mile.

Today is Monday, I am so sore, my quads are burning. I had a lower body class at my work...so of course I am very very sore. We did not really use weights today, but worked the legs, glutes well.
I will post the workout routine later.

Coconut cookies

I love coconut, anything coconut...water, candies, chocolates, oil, butter...
My latest experience dipping my raw snacks to almond butter and coconut butter.
My fav brand is by Artisana.

I tried to make, by modifying the recipe i found, coconut flour lavender cookies. It turned out dry but next time i may use almond milk and oil.

Ingredients are coconut flour, coconut sugar, coco nibs, lavender, rosemary, cardamom, eggs

Yummmm, dipping to almond butter as my before bed snack as we speak.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Latest addiction

Ankle weights
Today incline fast walk
Ketle bell
All w weights on my ankles

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crossfit site with many exercises

Healthy food, crazy yoga poses i may try

sept 11 workout

Zwow from zuxkalight #32 and side plank lift legs circle 15 burpees 10 mountain climbers 20 Plank row w 15 lb dumbells Walk up hill with ankle weights Abs

Verance Exercise Club Sept 10 Legs and glutes

Warmup repeat 2times jumping jacks 20 Calf raises 15 first Tuck jump 20 Burpees 10 Following exercises 20 sec and 10 second rest. Repeat 3 times Straddle squat hold elbows inside knees push back Lunge front foot releve flat alternate squat jump lunge back alternate Side step and step back plie squat walk side lung jump dancer on knees moves piston Crab touch Abs 100 scissors reverse crunch Plank

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Verance Exercise Club Sept 6 Upper Body

Warmup Low squat jump 20 Bomb diver 10 Tuck jumps 20 Squat arm cross touch 20 butlers 10 Repeat 3times Repeat following routine 2times Elbows bent extend band out in front of chest 20 Cross band in front of you and lift while arms out 90degree 20 Row. Sit legs straight band under feet and pull w both arms 20 Triceps above head w band 20 squat biceps curls elbows inside knees 15 each side Extent pull band out in front of chest 20 Band under feet row in biceps curl extend back to tricep 15 pull band forward for shoulders 20 each side Abs 100 scissors Reverse crunches legs raised circles

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Verance Exercise Club Sept 4 legs/bums

3 sets of following 5 exercises:
20 jumping jacks
10 burpees
20 squat touch down jump
20 mountain climbers
20 crab jumps

Quick break

3 sets of the following 5 exercises:
20 low squat jumps
20 lunge jumps
10 each move...on knees
   Leg lift extend, up down leg extended, circles front and back
10 piston each side
20 step back plie, each side

100 scissors
Plank 2 set
Reverse crunches

Sept 5 workout

Bodyrock May 30 Day challenge, week 2 day 1
Im sore all over bottom and quads from yesterday workout, but didnt stop me.
I pushed hard finished my routine and added some abs with weights

Sept 5 daily diet

Breakfast apple
Mid morning coffee, one hard boiled egg
Before workout, around 11:30am smoked salmon salad, brussel sprouts, zuccini spagetti and chicken
Post workout protein powder
Lunch chicken, zuccini spagetti
Mid afternoon almond butter
Late afternoon orange
Dinner green beans, beef, shrimp leftover always good
Half a glass white wine after pampered with ped/mani feels good

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So far so good

Ok paleo diet and started my day with a peach around 8:30am
Cup of coffee with lactaid milk, cannot do without :(
Some almonds later
11am before our 12pm class, had omra cooked with ground Turkey, onions, garlic, spices.
After workout around 1:45pm had same with few asparagus and green salad leaves.
Around 3:30 two spoon of raw almond butter
Green tea
I will probably have another healthy snack and dinner plans by Brian. He said he has steak, i will make salad, that should be good for a dinner

Verance Exercise Club Upper Body Routine 8/29/2012

Today we worked really hard on the upper body with resistance bands, mostly, and some killer pushups.
Quick stretch and warmup
3 sets following routine(10 each):
Jumping jacks
Skiing/sliding on one leg side to side
Pushups (arms out, diamond, elbowz in)
Jump over
Burpees (all the way down and up)
After 3 sets we were ready to work on the muscles :)

Routine followed( 2 sets each):
Biceps curls down to up
Bicep curls half way up
Bicep curls down to half way
Triceps row and extend back
Triceps arms up, elbows close to ears, up and elbows bend
Triceps dip on chair or on bridge position on the floor
Shoulders band exten to sides and front

We finished various abs:
Scissors 30
Leg lifts circles 20
Reverse crunch 20
And hold planks with knees alternate down and up

We completed our workout stretch and relaxation

See you in the next class.

Verance Exercise Club

Verance where I work...and Verance Exercise Club is, at least for now, is the only female employees exercise club where we meet for 1 hour, 12-1pm, Mondays and Wed. to workout and have fun...
For now I am leading the classes.
I will start writing down the routines that I follow, but pretty much we do have a warmup, HIIT routine following Mondays, legs/buns/glutes and Wed upper body.

It is going well so far, ladies are taking whatever I give to them with no complaints and I love that :)
just the way we roll.

Equipment we use: resistance bands, free weights, yoga mats, our own body weight.

Area: Our new 2nd floor office has a nice space in the middle where we share it with ping pong players.

Company has been very generous for us to provide this space, we will use it with great appreciation.

Paleo and Food Combining

I know this is going to be harder than it sounds like....but for the amount of digestion issues I have lately...I am determined to try this and see how it goes.
I am trying paleo diet and combining the food classes properly.
So I will give myself a cheat day or meal whatever but mostly and mainly I will be eating what cave men ate and not combining starchy veggies with protein...so leafy non starchy veggies with meat or eggs, and starchy veggies with leafy veggies...does it make sense? that way my digestion will work how it should.
also Fruits will be eaten by themselves on an empty stomach for proper digestion, quickly.