Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Verance Exercise Club

Verance where I work...and Verance Exercise Club is, at least for now, is the only female employees exercise club where we meet for 1 hour, 12-1pm, Mondays and Wed. to workout and have fun...
For now I am leading the classes.
I will start writing down the routines that I follow, but pretty much we do have a warmup, HIIT routine following Mondays, legs/buns/glutes and Wed upper body.

It is going well so far, ladies are taking whatever I give to them with no complaints and I love that :)
just the way we roll.

Equipment we use: resistance bands, free weights, yoga mats, our own body weight.

Area: Our new 2nd floor office has a nice space in the middle where we share it with ping pong players.

Company has been very generous for us to provide this space, we will use it with great appreciation.

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