Monday, September 17, 2012

September 14-16th Workouts-Weekends are fun,too

September 14 Friday, if I am not dancing usually I have date with my boyfriend, Brian.
He always workouts long Friday nights, so I adopted my schedule to my benefit to do what I want to do after work for few hours.
Of course I usually end up working out at our work gym.

I have done upper body emphasized routine this last Friday.
Mostly biceps, triceps, pullups, rows.
Usually my warmup includes quick HIIT.

September 15 Saturday, Brian and I went to Palomar Mountain for a nice, long hike.
We parked right outside the State Park sign, and walked in to the park, followed some trails, went quite deep walked by the burned trees. It was nice, warm but not so hot. On the way back we had more uphill trails, so that was a good workout.

September 16 Sunday, I came back home around 12pm...after finishing my cleaning in the garage (finally), decided that I will run to work.

So I ran about 3.1 mile, according to my Smartphone App, went in to the work gym. I have worked my lower body this time with weights.

I ran back to Whole Foods, about 1.8 mile. I had a nice green juice, shopped for coconut cookie recipe, walked back home probably little over a mile.

Today is Monday, I am so sore, my quads are burning. I had a lower body class at my of course I am very very sore. We did not really use weights today, but worked the legs, glutes well.
I will post the workout routine later.

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