Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Verance Exercise Club Sept 6 Upper Body

Warmup Low squat jump 20 Bomb diver 10 Tuck jumps 20 Squat arm cross touch 20 butlers 10 Repeat 3times Repeat following routine 2times Elbows bent extend band out in front of chest 20 Cross band in front of you and lift while arms out 90degree 20 Row. Sit legs straight band under feet and pull w both arms 20 Triceps above head w band 20 squat biceps curls elbows inside knees 15 each side Extent pull band out in front of chest 20 Band under feet row in biceps curl extend back to tricep 15 pull band forward for shoulders 20 each side Abs 100 scissors Reverse crunches legs raised circles

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